Deborah Cuneo

Growing up in a family of "creatives", Deborah enjoyed a childhood that gave her unlimited access to an endless amount of traditional and not-so-traditional art supplies and creative opportunities. Today, Deborah continues to build on that foundation by combining traditional and contemporary art media, techniques and tools, to create her illustrations. 

Deborah's clients include Pioneer Valley Books and Schoolwide, Inc. Her debut book as an author/illustrator, Little Dragon, is scheduled to be released by Sky Pony Press in 2017. 

In addition to children's book illustration, Deborah creates artwork for invitations, stationery, wall art, and basically anything that can be painted or printed on! She also enjoys working with different types of textiles to create quilts and fiber art. Deborah is a member of SCBWILICWI and CBIG.  She lives on Long Island with her family and a cat named Sketch.

You can find Deborah at:

Instagram: @ataleof2studios
Twitter: @debcuneoart

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