Wednesday, March 22, 2017

PRINT GIVEAWAY by Patricia Keeler

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Several years ago I got a contract for a picture book I had written and illustrated. But when I turned in the final images, the book was cancelled.

I had made the editorial and illustration changes my picture book group and then the publisher’s editorial staff suggested. My realistically portrayed main character stayed under the watchful eye of her dad. She never smacked her chewing gum or stamped her feet.

I had no idea how my work could be any more appropriate for the children's book industry.

When attending to the remarks of children's book groups and the publisher’s editorial guidance didn't lead to a successful book, I decided to stop listening—to follow my heart—and take artistic chances!

I created a solid little girl with red hair that stuck out in all directions, much like the rock star PINK’s hair does.

©pkeeler 2017
I wanted a noisy girl who races around the beach in joyous abandon, while dragging a blow-up seal twice her size. How cool if her home was a retro beach trailer?

©pkeeler 2017
Lizzie and her pal Lou Seal were born!

Then I began experimenting with mixed media. I created page spreads using photographs of seashells that I collected from the beach. On the back cover I painted partially over a photograph of a sand castle I built.

I tried hand lettering. Then I threw sand across the page!

©pkeeler 2017

I wanted Lou Seal to look like she was made of plastic. I tried using an encaustic wax process. That worked for Lou Seal, but I discovered it created dynamic ocean waves!

Add a Lizzie and Lou Seal and . . .

©pkeeler 2017
Now I write about the things I love­—feisty girls, retro trailers and the beach. I dauntlessly experiment with new artistic techniques. Now there is magic!
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  1. The art is so beautiful. it all looks like only you could've created it.

    1. So glad we are friends as well as art buddies!

  2. Patricia, I never heard of/saw encaustic wax. VERY cool! And I love Lizzie :) She's SO cute!

    1. Encaustic wax is really cool! I think there is a lot more that could be done. And I wonder what else is out there! I really like social media for seeing new processes!

  3. Congratulations on the publication of your book! I enjoyed seeing/reading about your experiments in multi-media. Sand, seashells, encaustic, very exciting to see your results.

    1. I've always researched before sketching, but I've never brought shells and sand, etc. home and just scanned it in. Not sure if I'm lazy or experimental! Love your art!!!