Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Creative Confidence by Diana Ting Delosh

Work Space
The amount of space is not important just that you have a spot you can claim your own. I claim a small spare bedroom as my studio space. I definitely need more shelving and flat files. It is chaotic but it is mine. I do most of my thinking and artsy mark making here.
My Drawing Board:
Working on sketch revisions for my picture book dummy. On the desk:  
Finished sketches on tracing paper clipped to the desk so I can flip through as needed. Various storyboard printouts so I can check the flow. ThumbNailer for doodling sketch revision ideas for page 26. Sketch page 27 that I thought was done but now I think it needs to be changed. Orange triangle. bits of blue tape

I also have a bag packed with my notebook, scribbling implements, small sketch book and ThumbNailer for those times I need to be on a train. While I can't do finished art, I do find the train rides great for thinking, scribbling concepts and solutions or just sketching. All I need is a seat and some elbow room. Is it just my imagination or has the Long Island Rail Road gotten bumpier?
My Travel Bag: note book, ThumbNailer, small sketch book,
Pencil case with pens & pencils, LIRR train ticket.
Mental Space
Sometimes I need to get away from all the noise of social media, TV, etc. Good or bad sometimes it's is just too much. Probably why I like just doodling in a sketch pad or writing longhand in my notebook with only the natural sounds of my environment. The physical act of writing or drawing connects directly to my day dreaming brain. Sometimes I listen to podcasts. I usually start my day with a cup of tea and some journaling in my notebook. Helps me set the tone of the day.
Tea Steeping and Vitamins © Diana Ting Delosh
Biro Sketch from INKTOBER 2016 series.

Creative Confidence
This last one's a must. Without it creating is almost impossible. It is also a very fragile commodity. Unfortunately, it's too easily effected by outside influences. The nice comment on your WIP can buoy you up and make the process fast and smooth. It can also puff you up so much that it's hard to get your butt back in your seat. While the off remark can make you question every mark and send you down a creative black hole or spur you on in defiance.

So how does one build Creative-self-confidence? My thoughts are to practice, practice, practice. Fake it, put pencil to paper or however you begin and work it. Build your creative skills. Develop your own aesthetic. Seek out reviews from trusted peers and industry professionals. Sure, this opens you up to the possibility of an ego bruising review but it is the only way to improve and develop a thicker hide. Take in the advice. Decide if there's some merit to the critique then go back to the drawing board. At times you may feel like an imposter but keep at it.  Sometimes you just have to take the leap and believe in yourself.
Fox and Butterflies © Diana Ting Delosh
Brush Pen, Watercolor, Digital.

A small quick Illo created for the weekly illustration challenge on Twitter #colour_collective for the week, Sweet Potato.  Realized  that I had been working on mainly sketches and I needed to do a finished colored piece of art just to keep my hand in the game. Practice, practice, practice. Also, sometimes you just need a break from what you're focused on to recharge.

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  1. This is SO true, Diana. WONderful post, and I LOVE seeing your work space (I have such a "thing" for them haheha).

    Also, how many pages are in your Thumbnailers? It's not stated on the pages :)

  2. Both ThumbNailers have 54 interior pages. 51 of those pages are ThumbNail pages.