Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Group Illustration Exhibit by Diana Ting Delosh

Last year I was invited to submit a few illustrations for a Long Island kid lit illustrators exhibit at the Quogue Library in May 2018. The invitation came about via a group I belong to, LICWI. I submitted a few illustrations and two made it past the jury. YAY! I'm in, along with fellow D2PB member, Deborah Cuneo. I believe there will be 14 Long Island illustrators in total. I'm happy to have this opportunity to show and possibly sell my work but without the pressure of filling the whole space all by myself.
Little Red - Giclée Print- framed 16" x 16"  
As my work is hybrid traditional and digital I'll be showing framed giclée prints. I ordered mine  from Originally I was just going to use my local Fedex and frame laser prints on heavy stock BUT I was really unhappy with the color and this was after going there twice. The first time the machines were down. The second time I was able to get five good 8 x 10" prints of Little Red. BUT the color was wrong for the 11 x 11".  Momentum came out way too dark. AND I still had to pay for them. GR-GR-GR!!! Previously, I had really good results with Fedex but not lately. Sigh, looks like an art print quality, large format color printer is on my wish list.
Momentum - Giclée Print- framed 14" x 11"
Right now I'm in the final throes of prepping for this show. Art framed, wired, packed and delivered to the exhibit coordinator, along with 30 promo postcards. I still have to deliver my promo sheet. I also plan on offering a few unframed prints for sale at the reception on May 19.
Sleepy Giraffe © Diana Ting Delosh
My current Promo Postcard
Ordered 100 of my Sleepy Giraffe Postcards from These are blank on the back. I only need 30+ for the show but I can also use these to hand out and if I stick a return label on the back they can be mailed. Always good to have a few extras.

As for the promo sheet, I've been working on some new illustrations that I was hoping to use on a new promo sheet... However time has run out so I will just be using my 2017 Promo sheet. Always have a Plan B. Now, just need to make more art prints and figure out how to package them to sell at the reception. A wise friend said that it's a good idea to use each promotional opportunity as a chance to show more art. Hence my participation in the show and the different images for the postcard and the promo sheet. 

Long Island Children's Book Illustrators Art
The Art Gallery at the Quogue Library
90 Quogue St., Quogue, NY 11959
Exhibit: May 1 - May 30, 2018
Reception: May 19, 2018 at 3 - 4pm

At the reception, there will be a Q & A panel and workshops. Prints, books and yes, some of the framed art will be for sale. Mine are. Should be fun. 

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

This Is Us by Patricia Keeler

Together we grew stronger. 

SUNDAY, APRIL 15 at 11 AM 
100 Bloomfield Street in Hoboken
we celebrate with three new books from DRAWN TO PICTURE BOOK group

Dreams come true! They do!

Working together made us stronger.

Like Barbara DiLorenzo's 
we struggled to fit in.



Like Deborah Cuneo's 
we resisted change.


Like Patricia Keeler's 
we found change and growth inevitable.

And then it happened!


Thank you friends for helping us all by critiquing—but also for organizing conferences and workshops where we could make contacts, all the likes and sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the childcare and cooking, tech support, and that smile of encouragement you always gave. What an amazing community you are!

Facebook:  PatriciaKeelerBooks
Twitter: @patriciakeeler
Instagram: @patriciakeelerbooks

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Power of (Book) Friends - By Barbara DiLorenzo

Our group in this blog, Drawn to Picture Books, consists of two men and four women. We are friends as well as critique partners. But we all also belong to other groups as well. Some of us have local art groups, or writing groups consisting of members spread across the globe. I used to Skype regularly with a writer in Brooklyn, one in Germany, and another in South Africa. We are members of SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators) and CBIG (Children's Book Illustration Group). We seek out the advice of our peers, those above us, with more experience, and those folks new to the process with a fresh eye.

Basically, we network. 

And yet–most of us will tell you that social connection does not come as naturally as it looks on the surface. We be shy! 

So why struggle to make new friends and connections when writing and submitting is a solitary experience? Why listen to the very friendly Lin Oliver at an SCBWI conference when she tells you, from behind the podium, to reach out and connect with others? I remember hearing her say that in 2009, 2012 and 2014 in NYC. I thought it couldn't possibly be as important as she made it sound. But she is charming, sweet and funny. How could I not try her advice?  

At each conference or event, I might make one or two friends. Sometimes those friendships thrived online. And sometimes they developed into critique partners. Becoming part of this blog was an organic process with SCBWI friends picked up by Deb Cuneo along the way. She really pulled the group together! 

We shared our work, occasionally met up after a CBIG or SCBWI meeting, talked on the phone, and texted when we just needed help. We've been a group for a while now–and though we don't operate with the same organization that we did in the beginning–we are all such good friends, we just like to stay connected. 

So what is the point of all this connection?

It's so hard to see up close, in the moment. I wanted to be published immediately and thought friendship was too slow to make a dent in my goals. But today, I look back and see that each and every person that I shared work with, that also shared work with me, helped me to get here: two books published within a year. That could be luck or a fluke. But of the six members, two of us have books that launched on the very same day (April 3, 2018). And one more member had a book launch two weeks before us. 

3 out of 6 people in our group launched a book within the same two weeks. 50% of our group. Published by traditional publishers. Within two weeks. 

I'm not mathematically inclined, but I do think that speaks to the power of connection within a group of like-minded people constantly striving to improve their craft. 

The three of us plan to celebrate together at Little City Books in Hoboken on Sunday, April 15th, 2018 at 11am. Stop by and say hello! There will be games, and drawing, and cookies and fun. But mostly, you will be making one more connection that might make a difference in your own journey!