Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Happy 2017 Reboot

Rooster © Diana Ting Delosh
Ink, watercolor

Actually Happy Upcoming Year of the Rooster! The rooster year officially begins on January 28th. So if you've had a rough start to 2017 you can just reboot your goals and resolutions this Saturday. Like me, you've listed all the things that went right/wrong in 2016 and what you're going to do differently, back around January 1st. Blah, Blah, Blah New Year, ad nauseum. By now you've realized a new year is just an illusion and nothing has really changed. All the good and the bad of yesterday, last week, last month, last year still remains. The slate wasn't automatically wiped clean. Starting "FRESH" is just a mindset.

Footprints © Diana Ting Delosh
Pencil sketch. Fragment from my PB dummying that's all I can share for now.

Bummer? Not so fast. It means everything you did right is still in place, waiting for you to build on it. It also means you can just keep taking that next step and go onward. And since the New Year is just another day, you can always begin anew with a fresh mindset any day. No need to wait the whole year to review and reboot.
Be Bold, Be Unique © Diana Ting Delosh
Fun Quick Ink Brush hand lettered affirmation  

In 2016, I trusted my instincts even when I was afraid I might flop. Usually it worked out really well. In 2017, I will continue to trust my instinct to be bold and unique. To clarify, I am talking illustration, writing, creative choices not playing in traffic or other risky behaviors. And to review and revise my life as I go.

Wishing everyone a wonderful creative, productive and prosperous 2017 / Year of the Rooster!

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  1. HAPPY RE-NEW YEAR Diana! Love the rooster!!

  2. OK, It's the year of the rooster for me! It's been a rocky start, but I'm ready now!

    1. Yup, I think we all just needed to warm up.

  3. Happy New Year Diana. I love your Rooster and all of your creations.