Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Illustrator Promo Sheets by Diana Ting Delosh

Promo pages, Promo sheets, Tear sheets. Whatever. They're a letter sized sample sheet of your illustration. Handy as hand outs whenever you have an  in person opportunity. Park them on your website where art directors/editors/art buyers can view or download  and print. Send the PDF out in e-mails. Change them up as often as you like.

What goes on a promo sheet? Current work and your contact info. The minimum is your name and website. More than that is up to your discretion and how much room you have on your sheet. I personally prefer just my website, maybe my e-mail IF it looks good. I may put more if I'm giving it to someone specific. Artfully design it or keep it simple and clean. I create mine in INDesign or Photoshop.

Make 2 templates: Vertical and Horizontal. The better to fit your art needs
No, they don't take the place of postcards. You do plan on doing at least one postcard mailing a year, right? However, they do have a few advantages over postcards. You can change them up as needed. There's no  minimum print order. No waiting for delivery. You can print them out at home in the middle of the night. Or if you're fussy or your printer has run out of ink, take your PDF Files to your local Staples/ FedEx and print out only what you need. 
Flip through the Directory pages on CBIG

I am a co-president of CBIG, the Children's Book Illustrator Group and one of my projects is the CBIG Illustrator Directories. Basically they're a collection of Promo Pages from our participating members. One of the things, I love about the project is that I get inspired by all the art and the different ways to design a promo page. Take a peek, get inspired, and create your own.
Flip through the Directory pages on CBIG

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  1. Diana, this is fanTASTic information! I'm sharing :D...

  2. Thank You so much. I'm glad you found my post valuable :)

  3. Ah pieces, I really have to get better about that. All I can say is thank goodness for CBIG . If it wasn't for that, I probably wouldn't have one each year. Great job on the Directory, by the way!!

    1. LOL - Thanks and Couldn't have done it without you.

  4. A promo sheet. This is what I need to do, and another round of postcards. Thanks for the reminder and tips.

  5. I don't have one yet. Thanks for the tips!Great idea!