Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Journey - by Jason Kirschner

If you know me, have heard of me, follow me on social media or just exist in a realm that picks up on my psychic vibrations, you may have heard that I wrote and illustrated a book that officially launches next week but is (surprise! surprise!) on shelves everywhere as we speak.  I have not been at all shy about this.  In fact, if I could sing, I’d have fellow D2PB’er Mike Ciccotello play jazz piano while I crooned about it.  It is, with very few exceptions, one of the things I am proudest of.
Photo Credit: Barbara DiLorenzo
I went into a bookstore with my wife this past Friday and saw the book on a shelf “in the wild” for the first time.  As I posed for a few selfies with my book, I reflected back on my journey so far with Mr. Particular.  And make no mistake —it is a journey.  I hope Mr. Particular and I have further to go together, but we’ve also come along way.

It’s my thinking that this journey, this campaign to get published for the first time,  is a series of successes.  There are the bigger achievements — winning awards, signing with an agent, selling your first book, your first good review.  Those are the ones you celebrate, the ones you savor and clink glasses over. 

Most successes, however, are small — teeny.  I’m not even sure you notice all of them as you go along.  A few might only be recognizable in hindsight.  You have to think hard to remember a positive portfolio review, or when yet another zany book idea woke you at 3 a.m.  It’s easy to forget the morning you nail down a plot point that’s been escaping you or the evening a slight change in your color palette makes everything mesh the way it should.  Goodness knows that the small text revision you made yesterday changed it all, but no one hung streamers when it happened. Rest assured, it’s still an achievement.

Post sale, there are more small tiny wins.  You might get the perfect person to write your back cover blurb or a mention on the right blog. It’s a win when you see proofs that prove you’ve finally got the colors right. And although you may not mark the day in your calendar, I promise your heart will swell, just a little, when you see your name on the spine of that book for the first time.  There are F&Gs to pass around and marketing campaigns to launch and promotions to be completed. And then you walk into a bookstore and there it is…on a shelf. And a kid picks it up and starts to read it and you feel like the journey led somewhere worthwhile.

(Then of course you have to ask the kid to put the book back on the shelf so you can take a picture with it. “It’ll just take a second kid.”)

I’m sure everybody’s first book experience is different, but no matter what path they took, I promise it was made up of  little victories.  All those little wins count too. They're all part of it.  And what that means is, even if you're not published (yet), you’re already on your way.  Try to remember that the little wins aren’t really so little.  Its a journey.

This is the print. Fun right?
Jason Kirschner is the author and illustrator of Mr. Particular: The World's Choosiest Champion from Sterling which you can now find on shelves in bookstores everywhere. Get your own copy by clicking here and see more of Jason's work at

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  1. Congratulations. Enjoyed hearing the joy in your words.

  2. I loved this post, Jason. It's so nice to hear a published author talk about the small successes too. We all have them if we pay attention. So important to recognize and rejoice them. Thank you for reminding us : )

    1. Thanks Virginia. Its the small ones that really add up to be something great.

  3. So happy for you! Yes it's so good to be mindful of all the small successes along the way