Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Rip and Snip by Patricia Keeler

Winged Zebras isn't finished. I don't think it is working. Maybe it's because they are facing away from each other?   ©pkeeler

A few weeks ago I finished Scoop the Ice Cream Truck for Sky Pony Press —already up on Amazon for Presale! Whoo-hoo! It was an amazing, challenging and wonderful experience!

But last week I felt this need to rip something up, to get over trying to make every image just right, to be random. You know what I mean?

I got some scrapbooking papers.

Three seconds. Rip. Glue. Three seconds. Rip. Glue. Three seconds. Snip. Glue. It's important to be quick or your 'creative' brain will take over and be really annoying . . . "You know, Patricia, those colors don't work." "Just sayin'." "You're going to put that there? Really?"

Work fast and play loud music.


While that dried, I drew an animal. I could have cut him out of checkered paper, but I put him in Photoshop and dropped in checks.

I got into my stamp box and found a bird. I love stamps!

At The Ink Pad in New York. I went there to buy one stamp. Guess how many stamps I bought?
Finally, in Photoshop—but this can be done with paints—I extended some of the background colors to make it more cohesive.



On Sunday, November 5 you are invited to my studio to see how I work, 
to listen to great music and drink hot cider! 
Hope you can come!

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  1. This looks like so much fun. I'll have to try it just for fun.

    1. Diana, I think you'll really like this technique. It's fun, and kind of perfect for cards and pillows too!

  2. Patricia, I love everything about this post :) And what a brilliant idea to open your studio! I hope you get lots of guests, and even if it's only one, I hope it's someone you can thoroughly enjoy yourself with :)

    I love the zebras, but maybe uncover the "mom's" face, put the "baby" to the left and lift its head to look at the mom? And the elephant is so adorable! All so much fun :D

  3. HI! Thanks for the new layout idea. I mean, I made them horses, then unicorns, then winged horses. . . but I think your layout idea will solve all of that! Especially with the baby looking up at the mom. And maybe the mom should stay looking off to the side.

    With my studio, I have this approach avoidance about putting up signs, although I know lots of amazing artists have open studio days. It's such my art-cave-safe place. It's the only party I've thrown where I'd be most happy if only one guest shows up -- just kidding! We'll see . . .